It’s time to give the centre a face lift to make sure we maintain our appeal for the next generation.

Latest Update

Monday October 1, 2018

The Centre has not been significantly improved for over 20 years, but Australian Unity lodged a Development Application with Whitehorse City Council in early March 2018.

The Application will see the centre increase in size, to approximately 14,550 square metres and incorporate an improved supermarket, upgrades to community services such as an expanded medical centre and a food and beverage entertainment precinct.

The architects, Taylor Robinson Chaney Broderick, have designed a refreshed centre with the North Blackburn and surrounding communities front of mind. The design incorporates sustainability and aesthetic considerations and will take our much-loved neighbourhood centre forward for next generations to enjoy.

The City of Whitehorse completed public consultation relating to the Development Application on 31 August 2018. We anxiously await further news around its approval and we will update you as we know more.


The Development Application plans proposed a layout change to provide better flow around the centre.

Download the latest plans (7.1MB)


We are still a bit up in the air about definite completion, but the aim is to have a launch party for Christmas 2020.

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