It’s time to give the centre a face lift to make sure we maintain our appeal for the next generation.

Update March 2020

We are excited to announce that building works for Stage 1 of the project will be commencing shortly.

Early set up activity is commencing this week March 3rd , 2020 and will include:

  1. Site establishment – Site office / contractor amenities etc (Located externally at the rear of the current Centre Management office) at the north west corner of the site.
  2. Construction fencing will be erected around the phase 1 section of the Springfield Rd car park – (refer attached plans) the first phase allowing limited access off Williams Rd to the Springfield Rd car park. It is suggested that shoppers wishing to access the Springfield Road car park do so from the Springfield Rd entry.

Feel free to contact us in the Centre Management office for any queries.

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